Purple Lady's Banner Workshop: 5-6 Oct 2013

Despite travelling for days to get here from Oz, Linda was very good and patient
with her novice class of banner makers at Swindon   Facebook photo album here

Andrew very sensibly brought his new light table along to help with the heat-staking

Young Siobhan did very well - put several Old Gits to shame with her sewing skills

Dicky can't sew for toffee, so he spent the weekend trying to be helpful,
and concocting white ripstop diffusers for his LED floodlights
(he managed the hot-cutting, but had to ask Keith to do the sewing)

Here you can see the Gits forced Linda to take alfresco refreshment during the lunch break (both days)
- not sure why she was holding her head in her hands... too much "hospitality" perhaps?

Sunday morning and the Gits introduce Patrik to the delights of the F.E.B.

Peter, Don and Arthur take a breather - it was a long day for the old-timers!

Sunday late afternoon - everybody looks nackered but very, very pleased with the fruits of their labours!
parade of completed Linda China Lady banners

Linda tried to organise a pretty "Mexican Wave" of banners - but nearly got killed in the process

Finally she settled for a traditional pose - hiding under a bush for safety!

Well Done Everybody - especially Linda!

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