22nd Portsmouth International Kite Festival
Southsea Common: 24-25 August 2013

Tradition dictates that the day must start with a FEB at Wetherspoons Lord Palmerston

All that purple stuff - nearly had to throw a bucket of water over him!
Some Southsea Oddball - August 2013

Nobody expected this "Big Kid" to be able to resist the fairgound ride...
Keith on a fairground ride

Keith had his Gopro strapped firmly in place - want to see what he saw?

Sandra? Is that you? Are you having fun up there?

Later that night Keith & Peter managed a great bit of KAP with GoPro...

After all that excitement, they went for a little sit-down and a cup of tea...

When they had recovered a bit, they went exploring...
- and had a lively debate up the spinnaker tower

- and were prevented from "borrowing" this cannon for the next Jolly-up

Keith (surprise surprise) found a shop full of purple stuff - we had to drag him away - drooling

It is poignant to note how many beautiful Kelvin Woods kites were there...

Guy and Violeta had a great day!

Kelvin Woods was mighty proud of his award - very well deserved!

Facebook Photo Albums:- Christian BP + Ralf Maserski

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