Berrington Hall: 20-21 July 2013
Organised By Sarah & Karl Longbottom
These photos are from Keith's FB gallery

Aged Gitmobile with aged gits on board - Alan & Peter

Alfresco dinner at sunset in the nick of time - they nearly starved to death!

Pleasant looking spot - reminds me of Teston before the floods!

Where sheep may safely graze, and skinny dipping is NOT allowed!

Beware Thistles if you go for a tinkle in the night!

Arty KAP shot of Berrington Hall with Longbottom banners
Jim (by the haha on the right) downloading the GoPro App so he could see the GoPro preview

John B took this KAP shot (not sure when) which gives a wider view of the area

The usual suspects, looking shifty AGAIN!!!

Look out, there's a monster coming over the hill!

Only mad dogs & Englishmen go out in the midday sun - Gits stay in the shade

The Master Mixer Wizard hard at work on Mudslides and other Lethal Brews

Some people will drink anything!!! Click Here

Facebook Album:- Mike Liversedge

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