Brighton Kite Festival: 13-14 July 2013

FEB completed under the watchful gaze of a giant China Lady

Plenty of trade stalls to choose from

Jacqui's pouncing tiger scared several small children!

Happy Birfday dear Brighton Kite Festival - Happy Birfday to yooo!

Let's get all the spirits up where they belong

Spirits in the sky - Remembering Absent Friends

There is always somebody with a tricky question!

Time to bring these kites down - I need a beer!
Brighton 2013

Keith & Chris Matheson disentangling their spirits!

Some people call them Gits.... Others call them Illuminati!
There was a small amount of dancing round the (cold) flames and chanting, but no nudity

Was Dicky trying to get warm, or attract UFOs???

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