WHKF Fun Fly #3 Lechlade: 27-29 Sept 2013

GOGs at the Riverside pub
GOGs + chums assembled at The Riverside for refreshment~o~ FB link

GOG cars vans gazebos
Wonky KAP shot of GOG vans, cars & gazebos - well they had been at the pub!~o~ FB link

Keith & Peter demonstrate British KAP to Linda
Keith & Peter show Linda the British way of doing KAP - she looks jolly impressed!~o~ FB link

Keith Peter & Paul all gnashers & facial hair
Keith, Peter & Paul Chapman displaying an impressive array of NHS dentistry and facial hair~o~ FB link

Panoramic KAP shot of Lechlade
Nice panoramic KAP shot of Lechclade

Keith's Lechlade gallery on FB Click HERE
Ralf Maserski took some great shots too! Click HERE
WHKF also have a gallery of photos for your delectation Click Here
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