Teston Mini Fly-In: May 2013
A special 'pre-Teston' visit for Jacqui & the lads - May 2013
Alan, Keith & Peter took Jacqui to Teston in May for a "mini fly-in" as she would be abroad
for the June event. It looks like they had a lovely day there - safe journeys to you Jacqui!

Teston 8-9 June 2013 (unofficial) Jump to August
Group photo of the Teston Faithful
We were so pleased that Ron could make it
The PKF banner on the left was then parcelled up and sent to USA, to take part
in the WSIKF Ray Bethell tribute - word is that he was "a bit surprised" to see it there!
That poor faded & much loved banner is about 15 years old now - made for PKF by Pat & Ron Dell.

WSIKF Facebook links: Ray Bethell Banners + PKF banner @ extreme right   ~o~   WSIKF Banner Bow

We all hope there was a happy ending to the story of the lovely dog found
abandoned in Teston car park - see first 2 photos in Sandra's FB Photo Album

Teston: 10-11 August 2013
outide wetherspoons Maidstone
"We want our Full English Breakfast!" - The natives are restless and hungry!

breakfast time
"Hurry up with the blooming photo!" - Scotland expects...!

after FEB everybody it too full to move
All fuelled up for the day, but nobody seems keen to do much...

Keith's caught one! Teston August 2013
Keith & Peter set up the bubble machine - very popular with kids of all ages!

Keith's forever blowing bubbles! Teston August 2013
Aaaah - pretty! Well done Keith & Peter!

Gits in the Git Gazebo - Teston August 2013
Meanwhile in the Git Gazebo, there was much tomfoolery & coffee drinking.

More Gits in the Git Gazebo - Teston August 2013
"We are all very comfy here, thank you - might do something in a minute!"

With the help of a lot of Velcro, John attached a GoPro to his chest,
to see if he could make an instructional video single-handed

Peter & Keith try a bit of hi-tech KAP - not easy in the fickle winds at Teston.

The intrepid explorers set off to try a bit of KAP over the river - Ooo-er!

Then there was a callout for the GOG Kite Rescue Service!

Kiddy kite stuck in a tree - a very BIG tree - and it's right near the top...
HOORAY!!! combined barrage dislodged the kite - now almost within reach...
Hmmm - who do we know who is small, wiry, agile and likes climbing trees?

Then there was the small matter of some water bombs - coming our way...

After dark there were pretty lights, "interesting" drinkies, and some very strange noises...

For some strange reason, Keith always appears blurred...
Gits + alcohol + Theremin...

"Group Photo - Teston August 2013"
Group Photo by John Browning - Teston August 2013

Harry & Dicky with a very special gift from Ron Dell
Harry & Richard were deeply touched by a very special and unexpected gift from Ron Dell at Teston
- this beautiful kite had been made many years ago by Ron & Pat especially for Poole Kite Fliers.
We will always treasure it and the precious memories it evokes - Photo in Hamworthy Park.

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