Houlgate Plein Vent: 5-7 April 2013
Bienvenu à Houlgate!

Possibly the coldest three days of our lives.... the snow in Houlgate had only melted the week before!

You'd never gues how ruddy cold it was from this pretty video
snow, snow, snow!
Dicky was very glad of his Aldi thermal undies
- prevented frost damage & hypothermia!

Zut alors! sad face Peter
The last picture Of Peter's spinner!!!!!!!             Poor Peter, spinny kite gone AWOL (sad face)
so... lesson learned... if it's too windy for the Git gazebo... Peter?

Keith versus bunting
Keith helping with Paul Chapman's display - as only Keith can...

Did you ever see an Arduino-Iflite setup before?
We certainly hadn't - then along came Paul C...

Iflite Arduino video
So that's what Keith was doing with the bunting!

We thought the GOGs did rather well to decorate the marquee

We created our own "Git Corner" in this bit of the splendid marquee

Our French friends try an Iflite for the first time - They seemed to enjoy it!

The local supermarket bravely withstood the ravages of a horde of shivering gits in search of stuff that warms
raiders of the houlgate chocolate found chocolate and white port
They had a wonderful array of drinkies too - but we wouldn't want to encourage the drinking of alcohol!

Meanwhile outside the warmth of the marquee, the Gits did their best!

Cold? Was it really that cold?????
Check out these photos and decide for yourself!
We saw acts of violence & aggression
Poor Collin was assaulted by a vagrant

Minkey attracted the attention of local kids, and (bien sur) une belle mam'selle!

We were very cosy in our little bunk beds at CPCV, despite some very strange
noises in the night, and risking life & limb to get out of the top bunk in complete darkness
the little bunkhouse at CPCV

Friday night we all tucked in to some        
French cuisine in the Rue des Bains          
      Back at CPCV we made use of le WiFi
      to tell the world what we'd been up to
Old Gits use wifi to get on Facebook

On the Monday, we went to see the Bayeux Tapestry, before stopping at
Ouistreham Hypermarché for exotic French goodies.
GOGs at bayeux Tapestry

Facebook Album:- by Sandra   Flickr Album:- by Group Pool
The hospitality & Entente was most cordiale - we look forward to 2014
and hope the weather will be somewhat kinder, now our vital parts have finally thawed out!

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