GOGs & Chums Christmas Special 21-22 Dec 2013

After a splendid Christmas dinner in the Jolly Farmer,
we adjourned to the nearby hotel
where an international conspiracy was revealed...

Sandra & Andrew were handed an envelope & Keith tried to make a call...

"Hello Christian - can you hear me? They have opened the package!"

"Oh my - that is beautiful! Thank you Christian VERY much indeed!"
(Scottish thistle and English rose to celebrate their recent marriage)

Needless to say, many toasts were then made to honour the happy couple!

Sunday morning, only slightly fragile, and Gits assemble for iconic FEB group photo

Helloo Christian - can you hear me over there in Germany?
And just who might that be there with you???

After FEB, Gits assembled on the Jollyup field to fly their Kelvin Woods
butterfly kites in memory of a very special friend recently passed.

Andrew & Sandra were also keen to fly their lovely new kite - Nice one CBP!

Maiden Flight - looking gorgeous!

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