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Jolly Up 8: 16-17 April 2011 - Jump to JU9

Two Masters of aeronautics - Samuel Cody and Nicolas Wadsworth

Only one brave soul dare fly anything other than a Cody!

And Samuel Cody himself turned up with a lovely replica war kite

Just look at them all!!! Let's see how many... 1



4 and 5 - hello Roy!

6 and 7

8 + Electric Arfur

and not forgetting Nicolas - makes at least 9 Cody Kites - Awesome!

Light line - surely not flying a Cody on that!

I'd guess it was probably an Indian on the end of that monofil!

Three Wise Men talking about Cody kites...

I think a Cody would have carried her away!

Ello, Ello, Ello - Somebody escaped from Swanage! Well done Tony!

Looking cool Phil - wonderful style!

Jolly Up 9: 6-7 August 2011 - Top of Page

Paul Chapman listens intently to John B's sage advice... as if!

Hello Harry - glad to see you - very dapper!

Stampede! I guess the bar must be open again...

I guess Minkey already found the bar and is now sleeping it off...

A mirage to arouse the passions of any Old Git - a giant bottle of ale!

Paul Chapman's beautiful "Bod" by Helen Howes

A Flight of Brassingtons - lovely!

A beautiful pair of Rev-alikes

Ooo-er - a ruddy great owl in daytime...

Hooray - somebody found Mr Browning's hidey-hole!
- he claimed he was helping to fold up the marquee...

We thought he must be somewhere on the buggy field, cos we saw this kite in the sky...

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