GOG gonfalon and banner

Don't say that you were not warned!
If you need a change of underpants now, that's OK...

Kinda weird & scary - but he flies kites too - so he can't be all bad - can he?

Only Peter H & Jacqui, Karl & Sara have met DFBE in person, as he lives in South Africa!

I blame Karl Longbottom for what happened next... Remember he dropped in on Linda's Banner Workshop?

Well... it seems that he spotted the Git Goggles, and thought they would make nice raffle prizes
at an up-coming kite festival... in Cape Town   So... a Git's gotta do what a Git's gotta do!

It seems that when Mr Floppy saw the goggles, he got quite excited...
and he may have mentioned them to Peter H...
who then contacted Dicky with a very special request...

and the consequence was...

Ultimate Wildfire LED Git Goggles

very pretty - but is that all? Heck no!

and do they DO anything? Heck yes!
Smoking video - AVI version

Zoempie CBP fighter rok made by Peter H

Thanks for this most awesome gift. Best kite under African skies (Jan 2016)

and later the same month - a little something from Nick James...

17 July 2016 - It's good to know that Gittishness is spreading across the world...

August 2016 - MFBE no more - Respect to DFBE - Doctor Floppy Bunny Ears! He The Man!

Sieze the day! Sieze the moment, and do it with Attitude!

Oh Crumbs.... very artistic image, but still blooming scary!

October 2016 - Family Portrait (don't ask)

and here are some snaps of the newest member of the Binsbergen tribe!

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