Bienvenue à Dieppe (France) Festival de Cerfs Volants
    Regardez le Beachcam    

Regardez le VIDEO Le ciel comme Terrain de Jeu (tout en français)
in case you are wondering... here is the FB Link for the kite festival in Dieppe CANADA

The Old Gits like Dieppe because of the excellent site & organisation, as well as the nearby apartments
hotels, town shops and Saturday market - all this just 10 minutes drive from the ferry port!

For those who can afford it, the Hotel windsor is very nice, and right opposite the flying fields.
On the flying fields themselves, we have never seen such comprehensive organisation & efficiency.
The facilities and layout would take a long time to describe - please see the festival photos.

2016 UPDATE - Louisa Crispe is International Guests Officer from

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