Dieppe Festival de Cerf Volant: 6-14 Septembre 2014

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Facebook Albums by:- Several Gits + Keith B + Andrew S + Sandra S, Paul C + Christian B.P. +
Collin Marshall + Yvette Taillandier + Patrick Bonnaud, John Lutter + Carnet de Vol
Ralf Maserski Photo Album

Youtube Videos by:- France 3 Basse-Normandie + Saint Martin en campagne + Team Nara,
Gerhard & Daniela - Austria and dieppe-cerf-volant.org (a tad over-produced)

Vimeo: Steve Brockett Kites + Arite Fricke

The Gits invaded Dieppe in several small waves, so as not to alarm the local populace.
Keith, Alan & Anne came on Friday the 5th, in company with Dicky, Sandra & Andrew,
Marla, Derek Kuhn & Karl Longbottom - we all got there at 3.00pm

but Peter & Jacqui got there first (early ferry).

The shipboard FEB is now a well established Git tradition!

Time for a Git seaborne workshop - Alan helped Keith work on his new kite
while Anne finished off some splendid Union Flag kerchiefs cum headbands

Ta-Daaaa! The Finished Product! (looks just like him, eh?)

The Gits rented a 1st floor apartment overlooking the festival site - simply splendid!
52 Boulevard de Verdun - Click Here for street map and street view

It afforded some spectacular sunset views...

It even had a lift, so Gits with dodgy legs did not have to use the stairs
We made ourselves at home & decorated the place with our usual impeccable taste

Thumbs Up for our dear friend Lutz - we send him love & best wishes for a speedy recovery

We got through a lot of local bread and "M'sieur Stinky" Brie was especially popular!

One aspect of French Health & Safety left us speechless - the toaster...

Paul C & John B invaded on Wednesday along with the hoi-polloi from Brighton & Kent.

The Gits had some very special and welcome house guests

Blimey - yet more surprise visitors - Welcome one and all!

Dicky could only manage a short stay and returned home for a nap on Monday the 8th.


And here are some arty photos courtesy of Paul Chapman...

Christian had been working hard for weeks to complete his latest mammoth project
in time for Dieppe - Ladies & Gentlemen - Presenting "TARANIS" (Celtic god of thunder)

Awesom film clip on Youtube - well done the A.K.A. - CLICK HERE

There were many beautiful sights around the display arenas & on the beach...


- and a few odd ones...

- and some were so odd as to defy explanation...

Not sure what Keith was playing at on the beach...

Some very odd characters were found roaming the back streets...

Keith tried a Penny Farthing (High Wheeler) for size...

and met up with lots of old friends...



Peter had a great time with his two new kites

Every day started out misty but cleared up beautifully

By mid morning, wind & weather were perfect & the sky filled with pretty things...
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The massed ranks of kites and banners spilled over onto the pebble beach
If you want to know more about those beautiful tree banners Click here

So many beautiful things to look at...

The Gits planned to impress on the Sunday parade around town, with a convoy of
Gitabiltiy Scooters, suitably adorned with patriotic and Gittish banners & noise makers.

Andrew's pipes & drums sounded great on his new boombox - the crowd applauded wildly
- but they were a bit confused by our rendition of "Donald Where's Yer Troosers?"

We had a lot of fun, dishing out whistles to kids - much to the feigned delight of the parents!

This was the same back street where they hold the Saturday market - what a scrum!

Some of the overhead cables caused excitement when Andrew's 7 metre banner came by!

With a convoy of scooters, it was probably just as well that we ended up as "Tail End Charlie"

- next year sweeties, MORE whistles and possibly earplugs for the parents?

See the carousel in that photo above? It was sad to see it come down on the last Sunday

A splendid video of the parade may be seen here:- VIDEO
And here is another great video - shows start of the parade, some wonderful shots of kites
large & small, and then a truly amazing sequence of the Saturday Night Flight:- VIDEO
Some of the Gits found time
to visit Monet's Garden
Click here for a slide show
Andrew Scott's photo album Click here

N.B. The artistic theme for 2014: The Luminescence.
Here is a link showing all the contest entries - Carnet de Vol

For the Night Fly on Saturday 13th, we have many, many flashy shiny things for our
scooters & kites to impress our European cousins with our je ne sais quoi and savoir faire!

The redoubtable Yvette Taillandier has prooduced another superb FB album - Click HERE

Here are some more night fly images...

To see a slide show of more images from the Saturday Night Fly Click Here
..... I sent a message to the photographer asking permission to use those night shots - but no reply...
Then I found this terrific video:- by Slach - Gisele & Patrick Bonnaud
On the last Sunday, the Gits went out to "Tout Va Bien"
restaurant...If you'd like to see photos, Click Here

After being crammed all week, the streets looked empty - even the marina looked empty!
(full credit & thanks to all who took these photos - if you wish to be named pls let me know)

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