Jolly Up 18: April 23-24 2016
JU19: August 6-7 details HERE

The wind was fresh and cold from the North-East, too strong to risk the Git Gazebo,
so all festivities were transferred to the Jollyup Marquee

Andrew & Sandra Scott did sterling service in the JU kitchen marquee,
and there was great demand for hot bacon butties and coffee

As usual the Cliddesden winds kept everybody on their toes, backing & veering,
with lulls and gusts that had people running to control and/or keep their kites in the air.

Not an especially sunny or warm weekend, and the ground was soft after recent rain,
but we kept warm and had a good time.

Dave Pengelly (newest recruit to the Illustrious Order of GOG Chums) had a lovely rok

Congratulations on his noble efforts pulling a campervan out of the putty with his 4x4

The auction was a bit slow to start, but the Jollyup Rok fetched a magnificent price

Roy & Dave H did their best modelling the Git Goggles - maybe they are now passé?

There seemed to be a lot of bargain hunters with deep pockets and short arms!

Facebook Album:- Mike Liversedge
I must mention the generous gift from Hayley Gillingham of a bunch of kiddy kites for the kids at Bluebells
(holiday home near Basingstoke for Sebastian's Action Trust) and Julia's House (hospice in Dorset)
- all contributions gratefully received, thank you!

Jolly Up 19: August 6-7 2016
If you want one of these great T-shirts, be sure to contact Hayley in good time!

3rd August - Look who "Popped across the pond" for a veggie FEB
They are here for JU19, fly home for a rest, then back again for Dieppe!

Methinks there will be a few "Lil Drinkies" later on!

It's been a busy week finishing off some Git Stuff in time for Jollyup & Teston.

The Grappa was for Nick James, and the Bristol Cream for Alan Pinnock
Their bottles seen here before being "stuffed" by their new owners at Cliddesden
- if you'd like to learn how to get stuffed, please see Dicky!

Keith had been busy as well... Behold - the wondrous Git Chariot - (based on the GOG Memory Bench)
This was the first real test run with full load ( Jacqui + wine supply) over bumpy terrain...

This will convey Jacqui around the back streets of Dieppe on the 2 mile Sunday Parade
Please note the 1GP Propulsion System (Git Power)

Git Camp was quickly established in its usual position up by the top hedge

There just had to be a bit of KAP going on...

- you can even see the shower tent, "Lil Genny" and Dicky's "Toy Tent"

Nick James' pretty arches worked well - re-launching themselves after most of the many lulls

Sometimes even angels need a rest... Nice Wau-balan there Paul!

Electric Arfur's got big bols!

There was the usual mix of kites in the sky - some old, some new

Some traditional, and some too hot to handle!

Sundry Gits and friends looking very relaxed - probably planning more mischief!

at the Saturday night BBQ Keith showed off his new "bomb-proof" nails...

Keith's Nails - Follow-up Info...
Keith endured having his fingers cooked TWICE under Linda's HOT UV lamp...

This apparently hurt quite a lot...

He was assured that the pretty coatings would last a very long time...

The phrase "bomb-proof" was used...

Sad to report that they looked like this after just 10 days...

It was so hot inside the marquee that the side was taken off and many sat outside

By the time the auction got under way, we had a beautiful sunset to watch...

This was Roy doing the "Dance of the Two Voiles" - oh-so seductive!

You can see there were several of Les Reed's Skydancers up for auction - and they all sold well!

Exhausted after the auction - David Pengelly was victorious in his battle to win the unique JU19 Rok
- mind you Peter looks knackered after pulling the Git Chariot back up the slope!


Facebook Albums:- Gayle Woodul

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