KKF Fly-In: Sunday 12 June 2016
August event details HERE

Saturday morning - it all looks unusually quiet!
The start of a gentle day of fun for Keith & Alan, Andrew & Sandra, Peter & Jacqui

Hope the weather stays fine for Sunday with KKF!

We look forward to seeing what they got up to!
Teston Kiteability Weekend: 13-14 August 2016

More Info here:- Teston Kiteability Weekend with Kent Kite Flyers

Friday morning bright and early - Keith was 1st to arrive again!

It looks like the start of a beautiful weekend - with Perseid Meteor showers nightly!

Friday evening we were busy setting up Git Camp, and enjoyed fish 'n chips for supper - apart from Poor Peter,
whose pickled eggs mysteriously disappeared, so all that came back from the chippie was a bag of gherkins...

When Jane turned up with a beautiful piece of wood carving, Keith was almost lost for words...
AND... she had also made a splendid wooden cannon - with strict instructions NOT to fire it!

This called for another - with Jane and her daughter proudly showing off new grand-daughter
to add a touch of glamour and a "Reclining Keith" for truly Gittish contrast.

Git Camp was a blaze of light in the darkness... Gittish music was also to be heard...

Thanks to the absence of pickled eggs, the only sound to disturb the wildlife overnight was snoring...

We made ouselves very comfy thank you...

Luckily there was no sign of rain, else Dicky-ducky's dodgy wiring may have caused some excitement!

The "after hours" battery-powered 12 volt lighting system also worked very well!

Saturday & Sunday morning started in proper Git Fashion...

and of course there had to be "Pimms o'clock" - thank you Anne - that was most refreshing!
Some people may think the Gits are just a bunch of topers, but there was proper 'blind' tasting
and serious discussion on the merits of different brands of gin and all the exotic botanicals!

We were pleased to sample Sandra's new gin recipe, and gave thoughtful comment on her blueberry & thyme
gin cocktails... compared them with her raspberry & rosewater gin cocktails... after that things got a little hazy...

We were concerned that there would be fewer kite club members this year, as the date clashed with Portsmouth,
but in the event there were plenty of "Old Hands" and an amazing number of "Joe Public" on both days.
Sunday, the field was crowded out, the air full of smoke from many barbecues & both carparks full to overflowing.

There was much Git Tomfoolery, with bubble guns & wands - and the sweety drop was very popular

Andrew & Sandra tried out their "Flaming Genki" inherited from dear Phil Scarfe...
Keith joined in by taking rear view shots of the photog and his antics...

[left] Andrew & Sandra's Day of the Dead banners were much admired...

[right] Janet Fletcher flying another gift from Libby Scarfe, made by Kevin Sanders

Grumpy Old Man of Mystery... Foreshortened - or maybe not!

The Kite-Eating Tree by moonlight ... Remembering Absent Friends

This is dicky's poor attempt at an "arty shot"

And this was the proper way to commemorate a typical Teston Weekend
Somehow the "Substitute Apprentice" managed to get this lot to pose more or less properly...

Dicky was 'volunteered' for this task while JB was in Portsmouth for some reason!

Facebook Photos:- Jane Gilbert + iWill Photo

Sincere thanks to the KKF crew who worked hard under "Scorchio" conditions to keep everything
running smoothly, and even escorted Dicky off site when he left early for the 4 hour trip home
(and to duck out of packing away the Git Tent & Gazebo)

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