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Alan Outram
Senior Grumpy Old Git

November 2016 - Alan's got a new toy! Night kite inherited from Les Reed

To see a short movie (78 seconds) of it in action, please click on the image below

Alan in a predicament astride the gate behind the Jolly Farmer at Cliddesden
- sorry to have to report that we were all helpless with laughter! 23/11/2013

Alan stuck astride high gate
These high jinks following the successful test flight of Andrew & Sandra Scott's wedding present Brassingtons
(photos soon) and prior to the Jolly Farmer Conker Challenge where we all suffered glorious defeat.

Alan doing the washing up Again

John B and BOF John Barker gossip while Alan does the chores

A Pirate - Tewkesbury July 2006

A Pirate making off with somebody's kite

(supposedly preparing Maurice's DoPeRo for launch)

Not sure what they were up to here - supposedly "saving water" ... hmmm!

Thinly-disguised Pirate test driving the Git GoGoCart

Basingstoke 2006

Horton Farm in May 2008.

It could have been taken anywhere:
Alan is THE Full English Breakfast Man

Now here is a rel gem. Alan's Original Driving Licence

Believed to be written in Aramaic - He has taken great care of it

What a great picture This boy really knows how to have fun

Alan and Maurice - Tewky July 2006 - it was May of this year the GOGs came into being
- and they still look relatively normal...

After Dark Shenanigins at Tewky with Glowing Boules!

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