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TheFurry One

Minkey is THE Git Groupy and is a much loved creature.

He has an uncanny understanding of kite flying.

It is a delight to see the lots of children intrigued to see him

demonstrating his superb kite-flying abilities.

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Here he is at Houlgate where his casual pose caught everyone's eye and gave delight to many

Click on the picture to see Minkey in action "sur la plage"

CLICK HERE to see Minkey do "The Double" - He's such a showman!

Here he is at Portsmouth flying with the best

Normally, he is a Happy-go-lucky little fellow - like here at Teston

There are times, however, when his disgraceful behaviour is an embarrassment to all
Maybe it's time to emigrate...

Off to Dieppe!

CLICK HERE for some exceptional Minkey fun

A chandelier, a Minkey -- what would you think?

Minkey Loves the Ladies and they love him

Getting his badge from the ladies in Dieppe

Enjoying the sun at Kingsfold

Lovely smiles in Deadwood

With Society Gals in Deadwood

When we went to Brooklands, Minkey made friends with Marilyn.
(Lovely cuppateas, Marilyn - Thanks)

Minkey has an impressive range of Techno-skills. Here we see him swinging the propeller ready for take-off at Brooklands

Just checking the controls. Then it's chocks away and taxi out for a spin. Intrepid little fellow ain't he?

When Minkey  went to Kempton, he took up a bit of lace making. Is there no end to his acomplishments?

At Houlgate, he mixed with the Exclusive Set

And was awarded the HONOUR of becoming a Citizen of Houlgate

Replete with Party Hat, Badge and Passport (and of course, a bon vin rouge),
Minkey engages in dinner-time chat with his friends.

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