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Teston Bridge Family Kite Weekend
9-10 June 2007

NB - All images & text for the June bash copied from Keith's report HERE
Details of the August 2007 bash further down this page, HERE

This looks like a very welcome evening meal after a hard day's jollification

Well Done Anne & Alan, Sausage and mash à la Camper

Very Tasty.....I suppose I should say Thank you to John, flambé bananas sans flame

Dave McArthur dared to try a stunt kite!

The Jolly Crew on Sunday

Teston Bridge Family Kite Weekend: 11-12 Aug 2007

Laydeez an' Gennelmen! ...... Making her public debut today at Teston......
The one everyone's been waiting for...... Introducing! ...... (drum roll please)  


The "When-John's-No-Wind-Kite-won't-fly-will-fly-kite"!!!
The When-John's-No-Wind-Kite-won't-fly-will-fly-kite
Thanks to Danny Rice for his invaluable advice & assistance, I now have a kite that flies on a breath of air
and stays in the sky after John's No Wind Kite is back on the ground, not  at 2000 ft as John would have us believe!
I see the hint of  a bad loser!!!!!! APPRECIATIVE GASP or  APPLAUSE (you choose)

Thank you to the very kind Lady, who took this picture.
What she must of been thinking, I don't know !!
what a sad bunch of old gits
Alan, John, Keith & Tony Lloyd (possibly Tony's last Git event)

Dave, John & Roy deep in discussion

Look John no cars

Done it again - still no cars!

I can't remember what these where called, someone help please?

Calopteryx splendens  actually - Thanks John , I'm told in plain English "Damsel Fly"

This next one's not bad considering it was at full digital zoom & hand held,
I think the reflection is rather nice

A late entry (actually taken at Teston in June) Early Morning Atmospheric Study - hem hem.

Comment: How do we know this is Teston..........Where is the landmark?
.......I see no Spud - Otherwise a very nice photograph.

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