Grumpy Old Gits Fly-In: Saturday 10 June 2017
August event details HERE
Keith & Alan, Andrew & Sandra had a lovely day

It started with a lovely sunrise (presumably in Epsom)...

next sighting of Git Activity was at Morrisons Oxted... you need to look closely!

See! There he is - told you so!

Some time later... they actually got to Teston - what a fabulous day!

First thing - put up the Git Gazebo - good fun in a brisk wind!

Alan helped with the bench - in his own special way...

Then it was time for afternoon tea... with scones, jam & clotted cream of course"

Maybe we should put a few things up in the air...

Sandra & Andrew's froggies looked splendid!

Keith's Fantabulous Bubble Machine went into Overdrive!

Then we all went home for fish 'n chips - leaving the place neat & tidy for KKF tomorrow!

KKF Fly-In: Sunday 11 June 2017

Message from Malcolm Ford:- Wind was all over the place at Teston today, as well going from light to gusty in the same moment. Only three KKF members went today as we had a big public event on Walmer Beach yesterday.
So many members had the day off today.
Peter and I managed to break two kites today, due to the gusts. Restricted flying because of the wind today.
Teston Kiteability 30th Anniversary Weekend
12-13 August 2017

More Info here:- Teston Kiteability Weekend with Kent Kite Flyers

Read all about it - tales of kite rescue and fun in the sun
- when we have had time to have a kip, and collect our thoughts!

A special shot of Git Camp with the Lone Star of Texas flying for Gayle & Christian

The Gittish Menfolk mostly did what they do best...
Andrew produced rhubarb & ginger filo tarts... Keith "rested his eyes" for a while...

Although Keith & Dicky did stir themselves briefly to help Jane Gilbert put up her new gazebo

which soon contained most of her nearest & dearest, and some of them paid Git Camp a visit

And they had to disturb their slumbers once again for "International Kite Rescue"... Video

Nobody quite knows how Keith got his own kite (mega sled) stuck in a tree...
Dicky wants a Purple Heart for venturing into tall nettles (in shorts) to complete the rescue!

Our thanks to John Browning who (eventually) managed to get the Teston Mob to behave for a second

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