Basingstoke 22nd Kite festival: 7-8 June 2014

Organiser & main contact = Alan Cosgrove (see FB link)  

Guest List: Nick James, Carl Robertshaw, Bruno & Laurence Cocandeau, Team Spectrum, Flying Fish, Patrice & Michèle Peigne, Frances Anderson, Pauline Taylor, David Ellison, Maria, Olivia & James Woods, Stafford Wallace, Flying Squad. PA Simon Dann. ... Not forgetting the GOG's with their usual hospitality!
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So first of all Peter seems to have a breakdown on his new Vee-Dub tent
What's up there Pete? Piston broke again?
Trying to fit headlights? hmmm... OK - whatever floats your boat!

Peter had another new man toy - a rather lovely Brasington
- but he did need several ground crew to help get it in the air!

Meanwhile on the other side of Git Camp, Les, Alan, Dicky & Keith were putting up decorations
(when they were not too busy telling tall stories and sipping drinkies)
Dicky even had a garage tent for the Git Mobility Scooter

The catering arrangements were splendid - nobody went hungry!

Dicky was hoping to spring a little surprise on Keith, by the light of the setting sun
but somehow time slipped away..........

and then he got caught up in a LOOOOONG story from Dave Hollingsworth

Some time later.... still going strong....

Finally! Got him where I wanted him - sat still and looking worried!

Trust me Keith - just close your eyes...   Now stand up and hold your arms out...
- a little bit of misdirection for what was to follow - see him grit his teeth?

Time for a sneaky bit of action behind his back, then ...OK Keith - now sit down!
Oooh - he does look worried..... sitting cautiously.... not sure what's happening... Hello! What's this?

Well - that did not take long - put Keith anywhere near a padded bench....
and within seconds he is flat out in his usual recumbent position with beer close to hand!
(well, he is getting older)

And the moon shone brightly on Git Camp - along with a few of Dicky's special effects...

Came the dawn - prelude to a VERY wet early morning
FYI - Dawn Chorus in this lovely little bit of Basingstoke began at 03.50am

Keith, Tracey Hollingsworth & Phil Scarfe try out the new bench cushion
- Phil is holding a lovely brass plaque that will soon adorn the "Absent Friends Bench"

Sir Harry with a splendid walking stick, and Phil in his Happi coat

and a lovely shot by Douglas Jones - precious memories...

weary angels and silver banners at the end of another perfect day

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