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Dicky Nourse
Dicky was lucky enough to be able to stop working in 2012 - up till then he was usually too darn tired to enjoy life and the pleasures of "Gitting about" - since then he has taken a more active role, now acting as GOG webmaster, self-appointed electrician and lighting bodger. He is ridicuclously proud of "Lil Genny" and his 6 foot illuminated erection!

Dicky has done a few jobs in his 42 years at work - started as a Merchant Navy Radio Officer, took voluntary redundancy and opened a health food shop (where he met his wife-to-be), did QA inspection and rework on surface mount electronics, moved into hand-held computers and mobile radio data transmission, made redundant, spent 4 years in purgatory at a call centre (mobile data again), rejoined some of his old Telxon colleagues at Ensign Communications in Wareham, made redundant again, and finally worked 4 years as admin assistant at
Cooltec (aircon and refrigeration) in Wareham, before accepting voluntary redundancy one last time.

Nowadays, he usually carries around more electrical gear than kites! This may sound daft, but for the purposes of lighting up the "Git Gazebo" for after-dark drinkies and other silliness, folk seem to like the resultant beacon in the night - if the genny is liable to cause anybody to lose sleep, then there is a self-imposed curfew around 11.00pm
(or later by mutual agreement)

The proudest day of my life - 30th May 2014 - that's all there is to say.

Dicky does rather like "getting all lit up" - Brighton 2013

When everybody else was busy making a lovely banner at the Purple Lady's workshop...
Dicky was cooking up something quite, quite "different" and special...

Without Keith's sewing skills, this weird thing would never have seen the light of day...
(it does not look quite so strange after dark - honestly)

See!!! The Gits and their chums need to be able to see to find more drink!

After dark at JU15 - Lil Genny struggled with the extra load of a small vodka freezer...

Dicky and the Gits had a lot of fun at Houlgate 2014

This seemed quite hilarious at the time - probably due to tippling at Houlgate

Hey - who needs booze to have fun? Dicky looking good on parade in Dieppe 2014

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