Margam Park Kite Festival 2016
28 - 30 May 2016

Why not join Friends of Margam Park a friendly and helpful bunch!

27th - Friday morning at the Dockle Farm (Swindon) for FEB - with only Minkey for company!

Welcome to Margam Park!

Friday night, Keith had some unwelcome visitors:- "Die you buggers!" Some did... some didn't... Ouch!

28th - Saturday morning, and as usual Keith was up early...

Official Verdict at 8.00am:- "This wind has hot big holes in it" (eh?)

Midday and it's still misty at the top of the world (almost)

Not sure who was to blame for that....

What a wonderful day - time for a bit of KAP

And so to Capel Mair for a bit more KAP

Keith says:- Sincere thanks to Dave Hollingsworth and Paul Hook
for their very kind assistance on Saturday with the KAPing over Margam.

29th - Sunday afternoon - Sandra & Andrew go off-road for rhododendrons!

and then out with their latest workshop kites...

30th - Monday morning and all through the park, nothing was stirring.... except Keith!

Bank Holiday Monday was dressing up time for Gits and Kiddies alike

A bit worrying to see so many "Black Hats" and just one "White Hat"

There was even a rare sighting of "Elmo Pinnock" ... I think that's what the locals were shouting!

Now here's a proper arty photo by Dennis Short!

FB Photo Albums:- Dennis Short + Alan Pinnock + Dave Mitchell + Wild West Day + Kites on Monday

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