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Originator Richard Nourse richard(at)poolekites.co.uk 01929 554690 01929 556593 07814 784748
Kite Maker Roy Broadley roy(at)kitesup.co.uk n/a 01256 812487 07778 352825
BBC contact Stuart Norval stuart.norval(at)bbc.co.uk n/a 02380 226201 n/a
BBC Cameraman = Ian DaCosta  ~  BBC Film Editor = Bill Baggs

The original idea was to take a picture of Corfe Castle in silhouette against a bright summery sky, and put that image on a kite of suitable shape and dimension, so that when the kite is flown a pleasing camera shot may be constructed, with Corfe Castle itself in the background, and the kite in the foreground.

The design of kite must suitable for this is one with a war-like connection. I chose a Japanese Rokkaku as it was used historically in Japan to lift explosives over enemy lines, and in psychological warfare to scare the troops, or keep them awake by means of attached whistles and hummers. On the right are examples of the modern rokkaku - Click for a larger view:-

Another benefit of this particular kite design, is that the surface is relatively flat, and so resembles an artist's "canvas" which marries nicely with the concept of a "flying picture". I took some pics of the area - Click for a larger view:-

These three shots were taken approaching the castle from the S.W. across Corfe Common.
I plan to conduct tests with a rokkaku flown from the Common, to see how it looks with the castle in background.

These shots were taken approaching the castle from the South, along the main road from Swanage.

While you can approach the castle more closely, and one of these images will probably be used for the actual kite graphic, it would be too risky to actually fly a kite over the main road or houses.

The picture on the right shows the castle in its original state
(from Corfe Model Village).

Compare that with a shot of the castle as it is today.

This project has now taken on a new and more meaningful dimension.
Following the recent death of Pat Dell, a close friend in the kiting fraternity, an appeal has been launched to raise funds for Todd Ward at Kings College Hospital, where she was treated for liver cancer.
Although they could not save her, they cared for her so wonderfully that Ron now devotes his time to fund-raising.
As a perfect end to this project, the kite will be sold by auction at the Southsea Kite Festival (August 23rd), in aid of this appeal. Do come along, and if you wish to bid, or have anything to donate, that would be wonderful.

Tuesday June 10th 2003 - The filming at Corfe Castle itself, on Corfe Common and in the streets of Corfe village all went well.
Thursday July 11th - The final session, with Roy at the workshops of Kites Up in Basingstoke,
also went smoothly, and we finished with a lovely shot of the kite's maiden flight.

Roy sensibly decided that an Edo design would be best.
Richard, Stuart, Roy and Ian
The program is due out on Tuesday 5th August between 6.45 and 7.00pm - Video Recorders at the ready!
    The kite got its first airing at Barmouth Beach Kite Fest July 13th 2003 - Click Here    
Saturday August 23rd 2003 - Southsea Kite Festival

Ron made the long journey to show his appreciation and support the auction.
After a very full day of beautiful kites, excellent flying and many hugs, the Auction started at 8.30pm. after the evening BBQ.
What nobody realised was that it would go on for a marathon 3 HOURS until 11.30pm

The Corfe Castle kite was saved till last, and went for 120
The mind-boggling total for the whole evening auction was 2,820
This brings the current total for the Appeal Fund to more than 6,000

Sincere thanks to the following organisations, who have kindly allowed me to borrow from their resources:-
Corfe Castle.org.uk & National Trust