WHKF Martin Lester Goose Workshop
St Joseph's College, Swindon SN3 3LR
18-19 March 2017
Organiser: Don Baggett - contact him on Facebook
or by Email: donald.baggett(at)virginmedia.com

Gits Attending: Keith, Alan O, Sandra & Andrew, Dicky, David P, Jacqui

Gits were up with the lark for FEB at the Dockle Farmhouse at 08:00am on both days.

 Everybody Welcome - No Invitation Required! 

Sunday was a bit of an effort after a wonderful Saturday night out at a terrific Indian restaurant,
followed by drinkies in our hotel room - when somehow with the help of Roy & Marilyn
we managed to finish off 2 whole bottles of rather nice gin!

Step 1:- "Listen very carefully..."

Minkey did his best to be helpful.... Jacqui had a great time!

How many engineers does it take to fix a Pfaff with what turned out to be a simple fault?

Pizza for lunch!

Then back to work!

People were full of 'helpful' advice...

It was not at all clear what Dicky was doing... when asked, he just said "Stuffing!"

Saturday evening was "Gin Tasting Night" for the GOG Gin Tasting Panel

We just had to finish that bottle, so Dicky could have it for "upcycling"

Saturday night was "Curry Night" for most of us at the excellent New Delhi Indian Restaurant

 Everybody Welcome - No Invitation Required! 

and so back to the Travelodge for more extensive Gin Tasting...
all went well until there was a spillage of the precious stuff - QUICK - Emergency Action!

Came the dawn.... and we somehow made it back to the Dockle for another FEB
and to watch Sandra open her GOG Birthday present!

and back to work again...


Sincere thanks to the kind souls who organised pizza for lunch on Saturday
(with yummy tomatoes & lettuce) and organised curry for lunch on Sunday - much appreciated!
and to Helen & Charlie for sorting out the Indian menu selections & dealing with the complex bill!
and thanks to Dave & Janet Robinson for organising the hot drinks & biccies

Delighted that Bob Cruikshanks and Karl & Sara Longbottom could drop in for a quick visit
Glad to see Kevin Griffiths back on his feet after serious illness

Hope to see you all again at the Jollyup!

First photos to come in after a week - Don Sinclair beats Keith by a short nose!

David Cross followed with his shot in a wind-swept sunset

and David Thompson 2 weeks later ... I think Jacqui still has some sewing to do!

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