WHKF Fun Fly #6 Lechlade
23-25 Sept 2016
More info HERE + Directions

Gits attending:- Keith, Alan O, David P, Paul & Helene M
Andrew & Sandra are up in Scotland at a family wedding & Dicky is 'resting' after Dieppe

Note from Arfur:- Arrive any time after midday Friday.
Any earlier and you are digging latrines.

GOGs normally have breakfast in Swindon then come over - yep.... thought so!

Keith & Minkey in Swindon..... Meanwhile, the Scott clan tuck in "North of The Border"

and then the very next day, he's first in line for Kevin's Bacon & Egg Sarnie!

and that looks like Dave P hovering close by the tea urn...

That should set them up for what proved to be a testing day - "Brutal" according to one chap!

'Ello, Ello, Ello... What have we 'ere then? Oriental Lady stuck up a tree? Oh Deary-me!

So how on Earth did that happen - hmmm?

Brian Boggenpoel takes great photos - and any "manipulation" he does only makes them better!

That one needs a title - maybe "Keith vs The Kite Eating Tree"

Here is a slide show of some of Brian's great night flying photos Free DHTML scripts provided by Dynamic Drive

Another evening in the marquee, surrounded by friends, booze & choccies - yum!

We think it is somebody's birthday this weekend... and there may be cake - thanks to Dave P

Nice to see Alexa King there, and please note our collection of Dieppe drinking glasses!

W.H.K.F. Photo Gallery HERE

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