Houlgate Plein Vent: 21-22 May 2016
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Gits Attending = Keith, Alan O, Nick J, Andrew & Sandra, Peter & Jacqui

All Aboard! Gits on the ocean wave!           Minkey's new friend loved his purple socks!

This year the gits all stayed at the Centre Sportif de Normandie

Then they took over Restaurant le Normand for Friday and Sunday night

Nick James put on a display of his beautiful angels
This photo by our new German friends Drachenclub der Baar + Website

Alan and Keith both felt the awesome power of The Dark Side...

We were all impressed by the great display put on by 75 ème Légion - Paris Garnison
even though they attacked the Millenium Falcon - See the video HERE

Several mysteries surround these next images...

The main question being "Where on the Dark side did that Stormtrooper find Zoempie?"

The GOGs were delighted to receive the prize
for the most artistic and original kite display!

And let us not forget our "Absent Friends Bench" which attracted lots of new friends...
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Fabien Potel is our new best friend

He has a terrific KAP rig

and his photos are great!

He has kindly agreed to allow us

to post his photos & links

to his FB pages + Website

On the way home (en route vers la maison) the Gits got lost in Rouen...

At least they had time for lunch - even persuaded a friendly garçon to pose...

Facebook Photo Albums:- Houlgate Plein Vent + Fabien Potel + Patrick L'Higuinen + Keith
and 3 pretty photo albums by Jean-Luc Ventsnick

Facebook Videos:- Megateam Action + Rev Megateam + Outrouverquoiacaen

Dicky & Janette were away in Cyprus,
but they sent a supply of Patriotic Tricolore Git Goggles to help the Entente Cordiale

and a supply of rocket ballons to liven things up at the Saturday Nosh-up...
and some light sticks "pour les enfants terribles" at the Night Fly

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