Carl Robertshaw Serpent Workshop 2016
Carl Robertshaw Serpent Workshop 5-6 March 2016
at Village Hall, Church Lane, Cliddesden RG25 2JQ
Gits Attending =
Keith, Alan O, Dicky, David J, Andrew & Sandra, Malcolm & Margaret, Alan C, John B, Roy & Hayley

First job on a workshop day? F.E.B. of course - at the Toby Carvery cos the Harvester would not open on time
(Stag and Hounds open late due to tardy cleaning crew not finishing on time - their loss)

Step 1 - Listen carefully to instructions on use of template...
(Carl only has one - all he ever needed so far - as he never ran a workshop before)

Step 2 - Discuss and attempt to remember all salient points...

Step 3 - Unroll 19 metres of ripstop and be amazed at how much there is...

Step 4 - With a very long straight edge and razor cutter, remove selvage!

Step 5 - VERY CAREFULLY measure and mark a diagonal along the whole length to make main body and tail

End of Day One - Adjourn to Jolly Farmer for right good nosh-up

Day Two - Now.... where did we get to? Oh yes - The Serpent's eye...
This is made up of 5 contrasting layers - and it's made in 2 halves - so 10 semi-circles!

Having cut it all out, you then sew the eye onto the head (6 layers now)
This proved to be a severe test of sewing machine horse power - one or two expired...

Then, with heart in mouth and a very sharp pair of scirrors, you back-cut it!

Finally - and hopefully - you end up with two complete halves!

Now just sew the 2 halves together, incorporating the keel panel - simples!

Wise words from The Master: "It's all about material handling!"

Indeed, the sheer volume of material caused a few problems for everybody except Carl!

Fortunately, he was very very good at explaining how best to control the avalanche of ripstop
and how to feed it through the sewing machine without a major snarl-up!

Carl helping the Man From Brizzle with a looong leading edge pocket

Sandra shows Mike Houghton how to fold the dacron pockets

Jan Willis made a very glamorous "Trolley Dolly" dispensing hot beverages...

Witty Caption coming up:- Sparring Partners!

Oy! Careful with those please Stuart!

And The Winner by a short spar is...... "Team Scott" - well done!

Naughty boys stand in the corner - not sure why Keith was not there too...

no sure what David was doing.... no room for an indoor test flight!

Margaret & Malcolm nearly finished!

Some people liked the idea of attaching a "sacrificial" tail to save the sail material - Carl explained
that the tail end is meant to "crack" like a whip, so attaching a length of paracord should be a good idea!

Roy Martin looking very pleased with his big red thingummy - Marilyn looks relieved!

Andrew & Sandra tested theirs out over Epsom Downs

And here is Jill Ferrer's Big Yeller Booty!

If anybody has more photos or words to add to this page, please let dicky know?

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