Exmouth KF: 27-28 August 2016  

Imperial Recreation Ground (Rugby Club) EX8 1DG
NB - Bank Holiday Weekend - but no pop concert afterwards
- so evening kite flying should be allowed this time!
Gits Attending = Keith & Alan O, Andrew & Sandra, and Nick James

The rugby ground was a riot of colour - and happy kite fliers

"A Magical Day" - Amy is Ron Dell's grand-daughter - how very special to meet her!

Airheads and Flying Fish

We limited to ten and under - and Paul Reynolds the Mike man did the DZ organising

Nick James' angels looked splendid

Dave Ellison also with his Wings Banners and distinctive kites

and his Catwoman + beautiful Genki...

A Special Welcome to Trevor Reeves from 'Down Under' and his excellent designs

Paul Reynolds did an excellent job on the mike - not sure if he joined The Dark Side!

Facebook Albums:-
Keith B + Sandra S + Trevor Reeves + Lex Kraaijeveld + Exmouth Kite Festival + Marian Linford

Videos:- Official Intro + Rotary Club Slide show

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