Basingstoke 24th Kite Festival: 4-5 June 2016
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Organiser & main contact = Alan Cosgrove  
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Guest list

Bruno & Laurence Cocandeau, Chris Goff, Nick James, Heinrich Hohmann, Tim Rohn, Jo Maurier, Josh Mitcheson, Patrice & Michelle Peigné, Carl Robertshaw, Flying Fish (with others), Flying Squad, L-Kattz and Team Spectrum

The Gits have resolved to concentrate on producing MASSIVE BUBBLES
(in addition to "being helpful", drinking anything that pours, and mucking about)

Friday night at Git Camp - all wired up & ready to rumble... surprisingly quiet...
and then - how beautiful - a nightingale came to serenade us!

Keith did his best - but there was just too much booze, and too little time...

Saturday morning, ridiculously early....

Nick James finished these 2 special angels just in time for the festival...
"Share The Love" with a French version ready for Dieppe!

Arthur turned up with his bucket of bubble mix and giant "lassoo" which worked very well

Andrew decided to liven things up by chasing the kids with a bubble gun...

While Keith was rushing around, blowing bubbles and nursing his huge purple kite....
back on the Git Bench, Doug Jones displayed amazing patience with Keith's "birds nest" reel!

Saturday skywatch duty - still cool enough for 2 pairs of troos and a fleece!

There were many pretty things - some small and perfectly formed - some just HUGE!

The invited fliers from France soon became Git Friends, and called on us to help fly their kites

What a pleasure, and we even got "un petit cadeau" as well as a "Merci Beaucoup" on the PA

It's Saturday... It's 7.30pm ... It's.... Evening Buffet Time!!!
CONGRATULATIONS and heartfelt thanks to the stalwarts of LVKF who faced the ravening horde and dished out a terrific array of lovely grub - we barely had room for the apple crumble and custard!

Linda & Tony did sterling work behind the bar...

Saturday evening - buffet finished - Lil Genny running sweetly - Git Camp ready to partay!

After the Saturday evening buffet, what better way to cement the Entente Cordiale..

The secret to Gits inexhaustible energy - battery powered brain stimulator!

You just know there's going to be an attempt at an arty shot...

Carl Robertshaw - Rev Grand Master - simply awesome

Then there was a dragon, and a beeeautiful phoenix...

Dragon courtesy of Tim Rohn - Phoenixes (3 of them) by Karl Longbottom
Oh look - he did a purple one...

A massive thank you to Alan Cosgrove for all his hard work making sure everything happened on time!

Keith's Uncle Peter, yes, that Uncle Peter and Auntie Maureen

Video:- Great video by David ....
Facebook Photo Albums:- Lex Kraaijeveld + Several Gits & Chums

I must mention the generous gift from David Thompson of a dozen kiddy lunchboxes to support my efforts to make Git Goggles for the kids at Bluebells (holiday home near Basingstoke for Sebastian's Action Trust)
and Julia's House (hospice in Dorset) - all contributions gratefully received.

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