WHKF Twisted Box Kite workshop, Swindon: 15-16 March 2014

These kites are spectacular when flown en masse - see this great Graham Lockwood Video

Jan van Leeuwen & Jolanda showed us how it's done.
They provided excellent pre-cut kits + that special centre joint with 12 holes!

The Man from Brizzle got stuck in - no skylarking this time!
Take special note of his colour co-ordination skills... purple ripstop + purple Pfaff!

Convivial Saturday night at the Chinese restaurant, even though the food was a bit 'off' this time.

And the race is ON!!! Keith and Alan in the lead, with Dicky and Andrew chasing hard.

Cheers m'dears! Mudslide shots all round - that's a proper nightcap!

We only stopped for lunch, which was excellent & provided by WHKF members both days.

After Keith finished his drum kite, he kindly helped Dicky with his weird invention...

Sunday afternoon, on the way home, it just had to be done!
Thank you WHKF, thank you Jan and Jolanda, that was a weekend to remember!

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