Weymouth Kite Festival: 3-4 May 2014
Weymouth Webcams
Dicky went on the Saturday, with the intention of helping his AKF buddies who usually have some big stuff that needs a lot of man-handling, especially in the usually tricky winds on Weymouth Beach. As it turned out, his was the only AKF sweatshirt on the beach that day, which led to an awkward moment when a newbie from Taunton wanted details of AKF activities in his neck of the woods!

He found several old friends on the beach - Roy Broadley, Waine Hucker, Collin Marshall, TC, Alan Pinnock and Roy Martin - and a few local "kite friends" whose names he can never remember!

The winds were light and variable, coming generally off the sea, but frequently fading away to nothing. Dicky managed to fly his 3D Goldfish (cheap & cheerful from China) but there was a lot of walking backwards and hasty reeling in, to keep it aloft.
  dicky and his chinese 3D goldfish kite

Waine Hucker had a Helen Howes genki that flew amazingly well - soaring & gliding splendidly!
gliding genki  
The line hung almost straight down to the ground,
so he could have put down the reel,
and left it to fly by itself!

A well respected flier was heard to comment that he had brought a load of banners, but would not be putting them up without any barriers or arena. Team Fusion were also seen there, but no chance of any proper practice or display, with Joe Public wandering all over the area that should have been roped off.

A harrassed looking gent came by and apologised for the lack of barriers, but there seems to have been less than the usual level of co-operation with Weymouth officials, and the barriers were being charged at £3.50 each! He hoped that a mix of barriers and tiger tape would be erected on the Sunday.

Collin managed to fly his "Flaming Phil Parafoil" briefly, but even that spent a lot of time on the infamous, superfine weymouth sand. A huge purple teddy was kept inflated near ground level, which drew a steady stream of kids as usual.

Although the sun shone all day, and the fitful wind was from the South, it felt quite cool,
and Dicky was glad of his "Purple Ron" neck warmer and very silly cotton hat
(having left his "proper" kiting hat in Keith's van after Houlgate).

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