Teston Tryout 14-15 June 2014
For main event in August please Click Here

This was originally the date of the first Teston event for 2014.
This is the first scheduled event following the disastrous flooding of the site during last winter.
~ see the flood video ~
The official June event was cancelled as the grass needed time to recover & toilets were out of action.

Although the event had been cancelled, a few hardy souls still managed to attend,
to check out the site and facilities, and maybe even fly a few kites!

Oooh - look! The sun came out for them - HOORAY!

Bubbles, kids, dancing dogs and a kite stuck in a tree = LOVELY!

Gits in motley assembly, and John B trying something arty = STATUS QUO!

Teston Big Kite Weekend 9-10 August 2014
(also known as the Ron Dell Kite Festival)

This event was very special, as it was the first one since dear Ron Dell passed away in February.
We have collected a nice lot of signatures in the memorial photo albums, so they can be
presented to Danny, for the Dell family and to Tina as a personal memento of a very dear man.

The GOGs were there in force, complete with Git Gazebo & banners

Saturday morning - First things first - it's GOT to be the F.E.B. Jumbo Roll!

If you are worried about cholesterol, then you are ruddy well right - it's all Keith's fault!

Saturday was beautiful - fine weather, decent Westerly wind and a splendid crowd all having fun,
with the added excitement of a kite rescue when a mega delta dived into the trees by the railway!
Keith and Malcolm effected a rescue with an extended mega delta and carabiner, but by then
the wind had picked up and it took some effort and teamwork to get both kites down again!

Batman paid us a visit and successfully engulfed several children! (thanks Guy!)

The "Absent Friends" memorial bench proved very popular,
and we bagged several more signatures for the Ron Dell photo albums

Even a local press photog took interest - so there may be something in the news! See Here

Have bench, will travel! Returning from the group photo by the bridge

We were delighted to see Ron's old friends, Dot and Dom Cox running their famous tombola stall

Danny Dell & Katrina came on Saturday, with a huge collection of kites that needed rehoming
- a lot of them made by Ron and Pat, but also many made by other notable kite-makers
(including Bazzer, Tim Benson and Kelvin Woods) and gifted to Ron over the years.

Some of these were gratefully taken on the day, in exchange for contributions to the 2 named charities.
The rest were taken into care by a member of KKF for distribution along similar lines as at Teston.

In exchange, we handed over one of the photo albums to Danny & Katrina,
they went through it lovingly and promised to share it with the rest of the
extensive Dell Family and to come to Teston whenever they could.

Tina was unable to come to Teston this time, so we will arrange a private presentation shortly.

There was a splendid collection of kite clubs and individuals encamped round 3 sides of the site

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After dark, there was the usual Git hospitality, complete with cold beer & wine,
baskets of nibbles, tall stories, terrible jokes & pretty lights!

(Dicky's infamous 6 foot illuminated erection was confined to barracks due to fears about the weather)

When we crawled off to our tents, we battened down hatches in expectation of bad weather - and we got it!

Sunday saw brisk winds & "high humidity"!!! The Git Gazebo provided some shelter...

Group Photo by John Browning - please click image for very large version (7.2MB)

Facebook Albums:- Keith + Jacqui

There were special KKF feathers for sale, and a kite workshop run by Kent Kite Fliers, to raise funds
in aid of Slideaway, a very special charity that was close to Ron's heart.

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