Streatham Common Kite festival: 6 April 2014  

Alan, Keith, Andrew, Sandra, Peter, Jacqui & Collin were all there, being helpful
- but first.... FEB + Facebook at Wetherspoons!

Early rain put a bit of a damper on things - but it dried up later.

First job on site - assemble the "Absent Friends" memorial bench.

Well, it might rain again, and we had to test the bench properly!

Well done Martin Wheeler! He was busy as "Kite Rescue Service" for the day.

Why is it that when Keith is being helpful, Jacqui just laughs?

An array of gitmobiles, workshop banners, workshop kites & Dancing Diamonds.
To see all the photos that Collin Marshall took, check out his FB gallery Click HERE
Apparently it got quite windy.... See Keith's short video
And there are some 11 shots in Keith's FB photo gallery Click HERE

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