WHKF Fun Fly #4 Lechlade: 27-28 Sept 2014

I see cars, tents, caravans & gazebos - but where is everybody?

Ahaa... a few clues lead us to conclude the Gits have found their normal habitat...

Now why would that beer be disappearing - is it magic?

Of course not! It's the Gits doing what they do best!

There were some other dodgy looking characters around...

Aaah - some images just keep appearing at every Git outing...

But here are a few surprises...

Finally they all dragged themselves back from the pub!

Hullo - what are those two up to - a spot of man-lifting?

Nah - Peter could not run fast enough, so they settled for a bit of KAP from Riverside Park

Special veggie foodstuffs had been prepared to look exactly like the real thing!
All praise and thanks to Kevin (Kitchen God) and Helen (Sous Chef)

Iif you put on night vision goggles you might be able to see the Gits carousing...

The Gits were in a fog next day (as usual after prolonged quaffing)

First Casualty!

We assume that photo below shows a rescue attempt!
How many White Horse Gits does it take to rescue one kite?

Answer: One to fly the kite and three to offer helpful advice!

And finally.... here is a link to Arthur Dibble's WHKF compilation photo album
Thanks Arthur!     Click Here

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