Grand Day Out with Gary Mark in London: 12 March 2014
News has leaked out that the GOGs kidnapped Gary Mark, and dragged him all round London...
We understand that nobody would pay the ransom and he is now busking somewhere in Spitalfields...

First they forced Gary to eat 2 (yes TWO) Full English Breakfasts..

then they plied him with strong drink & pints of warm beer...

Then they dragged him off to see the sights - whether he wanted to, or not!
- Keith convinced him this was his "Town House"

"Lovely view from the roof old chap - on a clear day I can wave to the Queen!"

What the heck???? Ooo-er - we've been Garied!

In the Great Hall at Westminster, they coerced him to buy Great British Tat at the Olde Gifte Shoppe

Then at lunchtime they force-fed him with another great English foodstuff - Pie & Mash!
- they never told him him what was actually in the pie...

Rumour is that this was Mrs Miggins' "other" pie shop - you know - "special pies"

To further confuse him, Andrew & Jacqui pretended there was a London Kite Festival

Smile - you're on TV! (Jacqui is an expert with the confused & bewildered)

Finally, they managed to lose him completely, and went home for tea, well pleased!

Gary managed to keep himself amused - well - in fact, he hardly stopped!

They even looked at a house for sale - but it was too small and drafty

Haste ye back, Gary!

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