Brighton Kite Festival: 12-13 July 2014

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By day the field was thronged by happy punters at the workshop tent & trade stalls

By night, the assembled kite fliers and happy campers partied hard
- fish 'n chips at sunset - lovely!

By all accounts there were some strange goings-on...
(and even stranger style statements & faux pas)
(In case you were wondering - they were trying to fly a 10 foot Flexifoil in very light & fickle winds)

Andrew was blissfully unaware of being stalked by an alien "THING"

There was cake... and a lady shouting at a glass skull on a stick...

After dark, things took on an even stranger tone...

The Git Camp was well lit up (in every sense)

Dicky's 6ft glowing erection attracted numerous witty comments
- most of them too rude to publish here!

Keith tried to set his beard alight...

Peter Linnell drove 300 miles "on a whim" just to be there - which led to some excitement!
Sincere thanks to the excellent first aid team who came to Peter's rescue on sunday morning

And for some people, it was all just too much....

The Absent Friends Memorial Bench was very popular...

On the sunday, BKF managed to fly their BIG play sail... Well done boys!

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