Secret Tests & Rehearsals at Cliddesden: 13-15 July 2012

The Gits have been keeping quiet about their sundry "other" activities for this year,
but we found a few signs of their nefarious activities...

It looks like they had secret rehearsals for their latest "Big Bang" device!
Is Jollyup 11 ready for all this Git Technology?

First things first - assemble the troops on the Jollyup field at Cliddesden, erect the Git Gazebo
and then fire up the Cadac for an essential intake of Brain Food... 7 hungry Gits - Hmmm!

"Put them together and what have you got? F.E.B. of course!"

Some time later... "Has anyone done the risk assessment?" - yeah, right, as if!

What could possibly go wrong?

Surprisingly, the rehearsal went very well despite the complex circuitry!

View from the control center - that thing in the middle looks new (and dangerous)

A shot during tea break - extended safety cordon is a good idea...

That "Thing in The Middle" - it certainly was dangerous - look at it now!

That went surprisingly well - nothing broke and nobody hurt!

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