Teston Kite Family (unofficial): 10 June 2012

To paraphrase a famous quote: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing half so much worth doing
as simply messing about wth kites - you're always busy, and you never do anything in particular;
and when you've done it there's always something else to do, and you can do it if you like!"

Facebook Album by: Sandra Scott

Teston Big Kite Weekend: Aug 2012

1 - Green grow the rushes oh - and lots of other stuff too!

Sunny and Warm: Real Teston Weather !
2 - not just warm - almost Scorchio!

How do we start the day?
3 - the A Team Assembled - Fugitives from Justice
Full English - of course !!
(Note the subtle variation - square sausage)
4 - Woohoo - the Full english on paper plates = no washing up!

More tomatoes anyone?
Young Alan's headgear was an inspiration to Axel Rose

Sausage Time!!!

Plan : get the Git Camp decorated in the most ornate, colourful
(and of course, tasteful) way so as to win Jane's
Best Decorated Camp Prize

It's been a while since the Glorious Gonfalon has graced the Git Camp
GOG gonfalon marks the epicentre of Git activities
(Mind out for the Fleur-de-Lis though)

John fixes Minkey's armature
Monsieur Jean Browning - un homme en culottes
He could do with fixing that wonky Union Flag as well.

Here we see Alan and Andrew making expert pre-flight
adjustments to a rather splendid kite.
9 - with a view to wind-powered git buggies

A group of admirers turns up to discuss Alan's expert flying skills
with the rather Splendid kite.
8 - you can never have too many expert opinions...

Talking of experts ...
10 - Tina shows us how     11 - Tina
Tina's Flying skills are unsurpassed

Ron and Tina show off two of the famous Kiteability "hex" kites

Arty shot of pennant and patriotic tube tail
please stand for a chorus of La Marseillaise!
(come to think of it, it could be patriotic for many nations)   La Marseillaise

Ron Dell - the man who started it all at Teston
A quiet sit down with a smile and banana - Cheers Ron!

There was a good crowd and many pretty things to fill the site with colour

14 - oo-lala tres artistique!
Another arty one; this time with a dew-laden cobweb

15 - the oldest paper boy in town!
Please would you give me a launch (using this lighter)

Flaming heck!
Oh Dear! Another antique kite comes to a flaming end

31. Run Forrest - Run!!!
Sometimes, there is no wind at Teston.
Never mind, this one doesn't need wind!

18. Excuse me officer, kindly change your grip!
PCSO Frank gets to know Minkey - then he came over all "Rambo-like"

Alan's been watching Ben Hur again...
Alan thinks he can get away with the water........

Police brutality at Teston - BOOO!
But gets nicked for illegal water trading

Time to perfect the trimmings
Ron & Keith having a good laugh at Dicky's shorts

22 - from Dicky's daughter to the Git Gazebo - seems right somehow!
Isn't that pretty?
(no need to answer honestly)

Dicky is feeling much better (and slimmer) now!
Gits keeping well away from maniacal 'Hammer Man'

23 - a purple tinge crept over the land...
Best Decorated Camp? OH YES!!!

25 - Keith & Jane can't quite believe it...
The Prize Giving

26 - Cup Film - Click for glorious animation
The beautiful Jane-turned PRIZES
Click picture for the Turner Prize

Group Photo August 2012 - click for hi res version
What would Teston be without the Group Photo? Here we all are!
Click picture for full resolution - click "Back" to return to this page

Facebook Photo Albums:- Simon Hennessey

32 - Top of page
29 - chop mark - wassat?

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