Houlgate 2012 Plein Vent: 17-20 May 2012
5 - Houlgate 2012 Plein Gits
Weather stopped some play en France...but not all!
Watch this great video - Click Here
15 - au revoir M'sieur Spinnaker
Goodbye Portsmouth

Busy on the Boat
20 - You say she just GAVE you her bloomers? How generous!  21 - OK I found the whalebone!

18 - Minkey is a hit with Mary the Brittany Ferries Lady   11 the bunkhouse
          Minkey is a hit with Mary the Brittany Ferries Lady   ~   When we arrived, we went to our digs  ~   Cosy

Then we went down to the beach. It was a lovely evening:
8  9
John flew his fighter

10 - Arty shot of Keith & his birdie in the sunset
Keith flew his Birdie

Friday was a bit cloudy - but dry. We set up the Git Headquarters.
Champagne to salute a successful érection
Topping Out Ceremony

Friday Lunch.
14 - Ici on mange le déjeuner
Mnum Mnum

22 - more banners than peeps on this beach
Friday on the beach

23 - better! banners, peeps & stuff in the sky
Cloudy but dry with a good wind

24 - L'atelier de Professeur JB
Yellow Pages kites were a great success with the children

We met up with old friends.......
26 - Les trois vieux amis
Francoise, Michel and Keith

Ludo and Abdul

...and some new ones...
28 Stephanie et Rok   31 Stephanie et Paul
Stephanie with Paul’s carbonaceous Rok ------ and Stephanie with Paul

32 - Monsieur Pantalon tsk tsk
Smartie Pants with Stephanie and John in the background

The look on Minkey’s face says it all

Friday Evening BBQ.
Keith "Browning’s eaten all the dried radishes"
Alan "He didn’t notice they were laced with senna and curry"
John "I did enjoy all those savoury crisps"

For the first half of Saturday, we had blue sky, sun and a perfect wind.
It had to be done .... Again !

Look at that weather. We thought "This is Houlgate proper"

It clouded over in the afternoon but this didn’t stop Keith and Paul getting out their KAP rigs.

Keith was very pleased with his first outing using the GoPro.

Here is the Git Gazebo with the usual throngs of admirers

40 - They shall not pass!
Alan doing a sterling job of holding fort (Git Gazebo)

41 - Bravo mon vieux!
Meanwhile, those fighters are still flying well

67 - Les Coquelicots
Lovely poppies (or coquelicots as the French insist on calling them)

Michel D. caught Paul’s Tetrahedral from the air

44   45 - Minkey sans culottes!
Keith obviously has something to shout about.... But what?   Perhaps he’s shouting to Minkey to hold tight!

To celebrate the centenary of Roland Garros’ altitude record,
this Bleriot XI flew from the beach and did a splendid series of turns for everyone to see.

Not sure what policies he means to pursue.

Well, the weather then turned from wet to very wet and then to extremely wet
and then we had downpours.......... Quelle dommage ! (French)
No fireworks, no lanterns, no night fly. Quelle dommage! (French again)

We went to the Casino and had a splendid meal in the wonderful company of all the kiters.
48 - Ooh, trop de rosé, trop de moules, trop de frites...
Minkey, replete with party hat seems to have cornered the pretzel thingies
......and the vin rosé (French for Vin Rose)

Our good friend  the Ustad Patangwala helps Minkey to have a jolly time.

Sunday came and, what do you know? The rain had eased off a bit.......
until we decided to take the Git Gazebo down....... Then it poured.

We had our packed lunches in the marquee and then sauntered down the town,
met up with Francoise and Michel. Took a few snaps..............
50 - Ahaa, enfin quelques bières froides!
An arty shot of  some beer

51 - Lovely grub but they won't let us in!
Group shot in front of a façade (French for facade)

52 - What no rosbif? no warm beer?
Paul and Alan in Le Globe. (French for something like.... The Globe)

53 - Penny for the guy mister?
Alan thought he might get his things together and settle down for the night.

We persuaded him to come back to the digs with us.
and then sauntered back to the marquee where we had a delicious paella
(Turns out this is French for paella)

A propos (French) of nothing much except the Houlgate  ambience (note two French words )
here is a picture of a typically overblown bit of local architecture.
54 - chez Les Munsters

Monday. Time to pack up and say goodbye to Natasha
55 - Au revoir Natasha!

56 - So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!
Group waving at CPCV (which of course, is French)

We went to Bayeux (in France) to see the tapestry
We were glad to have been able to see it.
The presentation was excellent.
57 - Guillaume le Bâtard Conquérant, ses arbres
Arty shot of a cobble boss showing a couple of the trees which Guillaume (a French name)
had cut down to make ships to sail to England to do a spot of conquering (le bâtard).

58 - a fine collection of relics
These boys really go for Group Photographs.
At least Alan and Keith are unperturbed by the wide-angle lens.

59   60
The Cathedral (same word in French) is splendid.

Intensely coloured window

Then, back to Ouistreham (a place in France) to catch the ferry home
62 - Hooray! Hooray! OOPS!!!
It had to be done. This picture shows how the red sled flew for about 1.3 seconds before
flying backwards and getting its tail snarled irretrievably in a car on the lower deck.

63 - allo allo ma cherie!
Minkey gets a lovely hug from Fleur who was returning from a very wet
bike Grand Prix (French for Grand Prix) in Le Mans (a place in France)

Just as we were approaching Blighty, the sun began to shine a bit
- ready for the scorching couple of weeks to come.
64 - La Normandie et le sunset
Business end of La Normandie (named after a place in France)

65 - aha, la mer tu sais?
France is to the left of this picture.

So there we are (or were). Another Houlgate. Weather put the dampers on things a bit
but it didn’t dampen our esprit de corps (another French phrase meaning esprit de corps)

Thank you Michel for for some of your pictures - here is his splendid Flickr Photo Album
66 - Merci Beaucoup Michel
Thank you all our friends in Houlgate
Agnes, Fred, Karine, Laurence, Valerie
and all the Houlgate Plein Vent Team.

Excellent organisation and a warm, friendly welcome.
68   69
Échange et convivialité, c’est la philosophie de ce festival!
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71 - chop mark - wassat?

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